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Rose's Touch is a specialty painting business owned and operated by Rose Smith, One Stroke Certified Instructor.

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Hello and Welcome to my website.
Rose’s Touch is a specialty of hand-painting that is personalized for you. My business is owned and operated by me. All pieces are authentic and painted by me individually. This technique is known as the “One Stroke” technique and I am also a One Stroke Certified Instructor (OSCI).

My specialty is hand painting on virtually any surface and I have my examples categorized in two Galleries:

1) General Gallery- glass, wood, metal, candles, fabric, paper, canvas, auto details, furniture, walls and seasonal décor.

2) New Special Gallery- Wedding Accessories “Personalized” designs for Brides-to be –You select the item you want or you select your own items from your favorite store and bring them to me to personalize- the options are up to you. Next- you tell me your choice of flowers, leaves and colors you want painted on these items-glasses, photo and guest album, candle, fabric items-purse, shoes, you name it. I can create that special “keepsake” memory for you to last a life time.

Please view my gallery to get a feel for my style and designs and email me via the handy contact form on the "contact me page" which will go to and let me know what you are interested in. If you have a rush request-call me direct at 208 384-9133. Prices vary greatly-but I will make every effort to stay within your budget to make it work for you. Also, I can do mail orders for an additional handling charge. A custom set of Wedding glasses with a special flower, filler and leaves would start at $30 for two glasses. The more accessories you add, the more of a break in price I will give you in a package deal. If you prefer to select your own items-I can customize those for you, $25 minimum up to 2 small items. I need a minimum of three (3) weeks lead time. But if you have a very small request-no job is ever too small for me, just check with me, I’m sure I can get it done for your special occasion in a timely manner. My personal goal is “satisfaction guaranteed” or your money back.

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Wedding AccessoriesWedding Accessories

View my gallery of wedding accessories.

view more


View my gallery of glass and ceramic items.

view more


View my gallery of metal items.

view more

To view my other galleries, please visit my gallery page.




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Personalized Hand Painted Gifts | Hand Painted Gifts | Hand Painted Glassware Accessories | Custom Painted Fabric | Personalized Hand Painted Gifts Boise ID | Hand Painted Gifts Boise ID | Hand Painted Glassware Accessories Boise ID | Custom Painted Fabric Boise ID | Link Resources

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